Chapped Free Lips with Natural Lip Masks

Not only the face, lips also need treatment. One lip treatment that can be used is a lip mask. Unfortunately, not all women feel comfortable with products sold in the market. If you experience this condition, try to overcome it with natural lip masks. Lips don't have oil glands which can keep them moist, so they need a moisturizer to keep them from drying out. In addition, the lips are the parts of the body that most easily lose moisture because they are often exposed to sunlight and pollution, so that additional moisturizer is needed. Make a Natural Lip Mask One of the natural ingredients that you can use to deal with chapped lips is coconut oil. The main advantage of coconut oil is its moisturizing effect. In addition, coconut oil can also help protect the lips from germs that cause disease, thus preventing infection. You can use coconut oil as a lip balm in a very easy way. Just pour a few drops of coconut oil into your fingers, then gently apply to the lips until evenly
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